Cook Native American Ministries Foundation CNAMF provides seed grants, sponsorships and scholarships to continue the vision of CNAMF founder, Reverend Charles H. Cook. Cook’s passion was to equip Native Americans to serve as leaders in church and society, and his legacy remains today.



Cook Native American Ministries Foundation (CNAMF) creates HOPE and OPPORTUNITIES for the next generation of Native American leaders through our grant program.

CNAMF offers funding opportunities nationwide to congregations and non-profit organizations who actively work in Native communities to provide programs and services. The intent is to jumpstart a project, get an idea off the ground or grow a program. CNAMF grants provide seed money for projects that:

  • Cultivate leadership in churches and tribal communities

  • Create sustainable models that lead to positive change

  • Promote effective programs and leaders within church and community

​CNAMF considers grants to organizations

that present projects and programs in the following priority funding areas:

  • Education

  • Leadership

  • Healthcare

  • Faith-Based Programs

  • Religious Activities

What We Do Not Fund:

  • Capital Campaigns or Capital Items such as buildings, equipment, vehicles

  • Deficit Financing    

  • General Operations

  • Grants to Individuals

  • Scholarship Funds



Submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) that describes your project in 500 words or less. You may write a narrative, tell a story or use outline form. We are interested in your passion for this program/project. Please include the following:

  • Describe your project/program and how it aligns with one of the priority funding areas

  • The amount of funds you are requesting

  • What you anticipate the outcome or impact of the project to be

  • Key project staff, partners, volunteer

  • Project timeline

CNAMF prefers the letters be submitted electronically. We will accept letters sent via US Mail as well. Please do not send photos, brochures, use paper clips, staple or use binding or plastic covers. 

Letters of Intent are due: July 31, 2021,12 midnight AZ MST.  Submit electronic LOI to Dina Lopez

Letters of Intent are reviewed by the CNAMF Grant Committee. The committee will select LOIs that best reflect CNAMF’s mission and demonstrate the greatest potential to create opportunities for tribal communities and the next generation of Native American leaders. Those organizations that meet the criteria described above will be invited to submit a full grant proposal.

CNAMF is a faith-based 501©3 that strongly encourages other faith-based and religious organizations to apply to our grant program. CNAMF encourages grant applicants to consider matching gifts and other resource development incentives as part of their activity.

For staff assistance please email


Letter of Intent Period Begins May 20, 2021, for funding cycle 2022. 

Letter of Intent due: July 31, 2021

Notification to submit full proposal: August 25, 2021

Grant Deadline:  November 1, 2021  (12 midnight AZ MST)

Grant Review:  December 2021

Grant Award Notification: January 2022


Cook Native American Ministries Foundation provides sponsorships to small organizations, educational institutions and churches for community activities, events or short-term projects. CNAMF is committed to partnering with groups whose work has a direct impact on Native youth and tribal communities, with a focus on education, health and leadership. 

All requests for sponsorship require a written request which explains the nature of the organization and the activity or project for which you are requesting funds. Specify the donation amount and timeframe for when funds are needed. 

CNAMF accepts and reviews sponsorship requests throughout the year and organizations are eligible to submit one application per fiscal year (Jan.-Dec.)  Sponsorship requests can be made for up to $5,000. 



Apache Youth Ministries

Lakeside, Arizona.  "Native Leadership Development"

Blackfeet United Methodist Parish

Browning, Montana. "Native Hooves Horsemanship"

Hipéexnu'. Kii'u Nuun Wisiix

Lapawai, Idaho. "Forever is in the Future"

Living Waters Lutheran Church

Cherokee, North Carolina.  Living Waters Food Pantry and Resource Center

Mending Wings

Wapato, Washington. "Dancing Our Prayers"

NABI Foundation


Phoenix, Arizona. "Youth Leadership Initiative"

Native American International Caucus - UMC

Selbyville, Delaware. "Peg-Leg Flamingoes Succession Training"

Three Precious Miracles

Sacaton, Arizona. "Miracles for Families"


Achena Presbyterian Church
Maud, Oklahoma. “Achena Presbyterian Church Leadership Project/Program”

Blackfeet United Methodist Church
Browning, Montana. “Camp Meeting to Holiness”

Episcopal Diocese of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona. “First Women Gather Around the Fire”

Four Corners Leadership Academy
Shiprock, New Mexico. “Workshops to Empower Our Church Leaders”

Healing Circle Drop-In Center
Shiprock, New Mexico. “Achieving Success Through Traditions and Technology”

Kingdom Workers

White River, Arizona. “Apache Youth Gardens”

Livings Waters Lutheran Church

Cherokee, North Carolina.  “Food Pantry and Resource Center”

Lowlander Center

Gray, Louisiana.  “Kateri Sacred Gardens”

Native American Urban Ministry

Phoenix, Arizona.  "Elders and Youth Together"

Native Chaplaincy

Western Montana. "Celebrate Recovery and Native Chaplaincy Training"

Prospect United Methodist Church

Maxton, North Carolina.  "Stop the Pain Recovery Ambassadors"

St. John United Methodist Church

Bridgeton, New Jersey.  "Bridges for Growth"

Three Precious Miracles

Sacaton, Arizona.  "Blanket Project for Displaced Native Children"

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