What is the process for making grant decisions?

What is the process for making grant decisions?

Concept Papers received are diligently reviewed through a process directed by the office of the Executive Director. As part of the review process, clarification and amplification of LOI’s is usually requested. In addition, a full grant proposal (when requested by CNAMF) is circulated to a variety of resource people for the purpose of receiving input regarding the viability of the proposal as well as the capacity and credibility of the sponsoring organization. These resource people include various members of the Native American community, as well as other volunteers from around the United States who have specific expertise in various aspects of Native American Leadership.

Based on information provided in the LOI, all requests are assessed and a gradual process of prioritization occurs. Those Concept Papers approved by the Grants Committee will be invited to submit a full proposal. The number of grants awarded is based on funds available.

Several important questions are addressed during the consideration process. These questions include:

– Does the Concept Paper meet the criteria stated in the grant guidelines?
– Does the project present a particularly unique or interesting opportunity in terms of the issue it addresses, the population it serves, or the solutions it offers?
– Will a grant for this project help CNAMF further its mission and pursue its current priorities and interests, including major strategic initiatives and components, geographic diversity, congregation and church body involvement, and fostering important partnerships and relationships?


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