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Policy Guidelines and Agreement


Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to recognize and become partners with Native American tax-exempt faith based organizations and support Native American leadership in both church and society that will enhance and promote good community relationships.

What is the Sponsorship?
• It is an arrangement in which a sponsor provides contribution in money to support an organization or
• Activity in return for specific benefits.
• A sponsor expects to receive a reciprocal benefit beyond a modest acknowledgment (i.e. mentioned in newsletters, website, etc.)

Benefit of Sponsorships;
When a request is received it must be appropriate and benefit mission and interest of Cook Native American Ministries Foundation (CNAMF)

• Request must be in writing
• A request of over $5,000 must be approved by the Grants Committee.
• An amount over $10,000 must be channeled through the Grants Committee and approved by the Executive Committee that clearly specifies how to handle this request.
• Executive Director may approve in consultation with the Chairperson an amount less than $5,000.

NOTE: An annual sponsorship will be placed in the annual budget; except from a donor, who is explicit on how proceeds are allocated.

Determination: A determination must be made on each occasion about:
1. Is it faith based?
2. Does it benefit CNAMF?
3. Any risk associated with the sponsorship?
4. The organization must be a responsible and reputable organization whose name and identity would enhance CNAMF
5. There will not be any conflict of interest, nor any perceived conflict of interest.
6. Will use reasonable efforts to sponsor fairly without favoritism
Sponsorship Benefits:
1. Must give credit on material, letters, brochures and websites
2. May use official logo on the named credits

Managing the sponsorship:
• An agreement will be signed and acknowledged by both parties
• Sponsorship will be made available to the Board of Directors, Auditors, as well as annual reports